Learn more about the pre, post and final production process.


The process for creating a video involves talking with you to learn about your target market, your message, what makes your company or product different, and how we can help get your potential clients to take action.

Concept Development - You have a video idea and it is our job to make that idea turn into a reality. At TWT Productions we can turn any of your ideas into a video that will convey your message quickly and efficiently to your customers, employees or potential clients. Let us show you how to make your vision a reality.  Let’s discuss your video requirements and ensure we can meet your expectations and budget. 

Pre-Production - Together we preplan production details like locations, scripts, theme etc. and set up a time to shoot!

Production - We shoot shoot shoot.

Post-Production - The editing process is where it all comes together. At TWT Productions we have been producing videos for years. Let us show you how we utilize the latest in post production technology to achieve amazing results.   We will work on delivering the highest quality results in a timely fashion. Before your video is finalized, you will receive a link to preview it for changes or approval. The video will be delivered to you electronically as a time stamped draft for your final review.

Final Video - Upon acceptance, I will provide you with your final video, ready to be posted anywhere!

So now you have a great looking video, what’s next? Here at TWT Productions, we do not leave you hanging once the production has been completed. Don't have a way to publish or showcase your video?  Let us know and we can set you up with anything you require like a YouTube Channel or Website.  Talk to us for recommendations on the best way to distribute your project.