Video Production, Editing, Scripting and much more.

Drone compilation BWQuality and affordable video productions with Camera, Lighting, TelePrompter, Wireless Lav Mic, Jib, Steady-cam, Action-cam, Drone, Green Screen etc. all in Full HD quality, or 4K if required! 

Video services include:

  •  Full Video Production
  •  Freelance to other service providers
  •  Video Editing
  •  Camera Work
  •  'B' footage shooting
  •  Corporate videos *  (CEO, staff message videos etc.)
  •  Realtor profile videos *
  •  Brokerage Profile videos *
  •  Real estate property videos *
  •  Lawyer and Law Firm videos *
  •  Restaurant and Bar videos *
  •  Client Testimonial videos *
  •  Youth Sports Business Profile videos *
  •  Training videos *
  •  Drone/UAV/Aerial Services *
      (UAV Course completion, tested, passed and granted UAV Certification) 
  •  Promotion videos
  •  Webinar videos
  •  Lectures / speaking engagements
  •  Events and highlights
  •  How-to video creation
  •  Youtube videos
  •  Cultural Ceremonies
  •  Scripting
  •  Any special requests.

We are the one stop shop when it comes to Video. We produce and edit a finished product that fits your video vision and objectives from concept development, directing to production, and post production. WE BRING BUSINESSES TO LIFE!  Shot something yourself? We also specialize in video clean up and general post-work which helps achieve a higher level of quality at a low cost. 

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to fast paced marketing and video is an essential tool to add to your website. A well-designed 1-2 minute video will grab the viewer’s attention, entertain and inform them, and most of all, be memorable.


Here are some of our Video Production Services:

How can you best target your message to your client, investors or employees?  Let a corporate video production bring your company to life. A high-concept video production communicates in a powerful and remarkable way. The right video can position your company light years ahead of the competition. We help clients reach their target audience, or their very own staff - in a way that no other medium can. Our videos are based on an approach that evokes different kinds of emotions and connects the viewer to a product, a service, a person, corporate message and/or experience.  Let us help you build a professional corporate presence that communicates your vision and makes a BIG impression.
Stand out from your competition - introduce yourself in a personal way!  Introducing yourself directly to your potential clients builds a sense of comfort and familiarity, encouraging them to contact you.  People looking for a Real-Estate Agent want to get as much information as possible and feel comfortable with their Realtor of choice.  A brief insight into your personality, professionalism and service level will help potential customers become customers for life.  We can create an engaging video profile with edited interviews that highlight your personality, your business and showcase some of your satisfied customers. Our goal is to tell your story and why clients would select YOU or recommend YOU to other sellers or buyers. You can get a lot out of this service! With just one created video you can use it in all your future posts.
A Video showcasing your Brokerage can attract new agents to your office to expand your brand by providing them with a synopsis of what you can provide them such as flexible commission structure, multiple office locations, open 7 days a week, tech support, training and more. A video will give potential agents a feel for your personality, experience, and overall workplace atmosphere.
Videos are a strong marketing tool; they provide a great way for potential clients to get to know you and your firm on a more personal level. Instead of reading about why they should contact your law office, clients can hear it directly from the person they will work with to resolve their legal issue.  Introducing yourself, or your firm, directly to your potential clients builds a sense of comfort and familiarity, encouraging them to contact you.  Our goal is to tell your story and why clients would select or recommend YOU.
Video Production Services to caterers, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, delis and bars. Having a professional video produced for your business is the best way to promote your business or venue. Potential clients first search online before visiting. Videos will help your business attract those potential clients faster.
Customer testimonials showcase your best referral source – past satisfied clients. Client testimonials reinforce the quality of your services and establish credibility for your business.  With Client Testimonials, it’s all about the story. People need to stay engaged if they are going to learn more about your services, and that’s where we come in. Ask the right questions to learn more about your client’s experience and edit their feedback together in a positive, straightforward manner.
Whether you’re a Not-for-profit or for profit business, you are providing athletes and families with fundamental skills and services. Personalities, Cultures, Professionalism and Quality are what you want people to remember you by.  Separate yourself from your competitors by showing them what sets you apart from all the others.
We offer production for educational, training, and instructional videos. Training videos allow you to take your expertise to your audience in a cost effective and engaging manner.
TWT Productions helps clients reach new heights, literally! Why not get that memorable shot with a Drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).  Aerial Videography has the ability to take your breath away while showing you images from a whole new perspective. Some of the most popular things our customers use our aerial services for include: farms, golf courses, ski resorts, real estate, commercial buildings, land surveying, outdoor events, sports, group events (weddings and schools), and much more. Perhaps partner this with one of our other services and add some “Height” to your productions with some aerial footage inserted into your script.    

TWT Productions has completed the (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) UAV Course, tested and passed – granted a UAV Certificate!  This enables TWT Productions to obtain a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for your next project!  TWT Productions has a full understanding of UAV Operations and Regulations; Pilot Decision Making and Human Factors; Basic Meteorology; Advanced Meteorology; Weather Services; Flight Planning and Air Regulations.