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Website Design

Our in-house professional graphic design team will help you visualize the assets and elements of your new website from beginning to end, complete with a customized mock-up for your project. Our mock-ups illustrate the layouts for the home and content pages of your website which include: framework, logos, banners, custom graphics, typography, buttons, tables and charts. The mock-up provides us an avenue to co-create and work out the final details so you can fully envision your new website.

Website Development

Our web developers will take your extensive requirements set and mock-up and transform that into a working responsive website. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we choose the best platform that fits your needs. Our work is created using the top of the line development tools and languages. This allows us to help our clients reach their goals by being versitle.

Building Your Brand

Our creative team believes that building your brand on a solid foundation of unique concepts and imagery can elevate your business to heights you may have never dreamed of. With SLK, we build your brand on these solid foundations by researching; strategizing and brainstorming unique ideas that will help you stand out from the competition. From fonts, colours, to layouts, we execute each attribute of your design project to the highest quality. As passionate individuals, we continue to educate ourselves and keep in touch with the developing trends of today.